Ozark Trail Stainless Steel Tumbler and Water Bottle Review

Hey all. Today we're going to take a look at my coffee cup and water bottle. I have a 10 oz tumbler, which is perfect for a keruig and then a 24 oz water bottle. I am pleased to say that the hot drinks stay hot. I made a coffee at 5:30 and then at... Continue Reading →


Cheap Car Seat

So on a road trip with my little Chevy Cruze all loaded down, my daughter became sick. (We think it was because she drank well water instead of regular tap water in her bottle.) Anyways, we still had like three hours to go and she had thrown up on herself and all over her car... Continue Reading →

Credit scores…

So for starters, I'm one of the youngest people I know of that cares about my credit score. I had it way up in the 700 range when I was 19 and floating in the low 500 to high 400 about a year and a half ago which is indeed terrible. Since then it's been... Continue Reading →

Tape Measures!

Tape measures are something I've needed at almost every job and with so many to choose from how can you pick your flavor? In our line up we have: Stanley fatmax 6' DeWalt pocket tape 9' Classic Stanley Powerlock 16' Milwaukee 16' Lufkin Legacy series 25' Komelon powerblade II 25' Home depot 25' tape Pittsburgh... Continue Reading →

Every Day Carry (Pocket Knives)

This is a touchy subject for a lot of people because "knives are scary". Although I frequently carry one, I rarely need it but it is nice when looking for alternatives to open something or cut some rope. When I was doing construction, I usually had a fixed blade (non retractable) utility knife in its... Continue Reading →

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